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Introducing the AMICE Congress Workshop Series

Introducing the AMICE Congress Workshop Series


The AMICE Congress Workshop Series explores the core themes of the recent Congress in greater depth and provides tangible takeaways on how the mutual insurance sector can better prepare for the future. The first workshop in the series, puts sustainability in the spotlight.

JOIN US  |  MONDAY 21 JUNE 2021, 14:00 CET  |  ONLINE

Transforming Sustainable Credentials: Property

In this workshop we explore the QUEST project, which is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme, and includes non-profit partnerships. The main goal of QUEST is to establish true sustainability and energy efficiency credentials by identifying and empirically risk-grading factors that influence the energy performance of buildings, to facilitate more effective investment in sustainable buildings. This is the first fully digital tool for this type of evaluation, providing transparent and comparable data. A longer-term aim of the project is to establish a structured European database of comparable data on the property sustainability credentials.

QUEST project representatives will provide more insight into the details of the technical risks that go into building projects, why they exist and how we can mitigate them. The aim is to give a clear overview to financial stakeholders to know what to look at and identify what crucial points are, and establish partnerships for evaluating green credentials in property.

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