About Amice


The Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe aisbl (AMICE) is the voice of the mutual and cooperative insurance sector in Europe.

The sector represents approximately one-third of all insurance business in Europe.

AMICE’s primary remit is to advocate for appropriate and fair treatment of all mutual and cooperative insurers regardless of size in Europe. It has 78 full members across 21 countries and speaks for an additional 700 insurers through its national associations members. In addition, AMICE has two associate members and two supporting members.

AMICE provides a platform for mutual and cooperative insurers of all sizes to combine resources and expertise, exchange experiences across national borders and discuss key issues and concerns relating to EU legislative and regulatory changes. It encourages its members to collaborate and share views on topics and developments which may impact them.

Legally, AMICE is an international association established under Belgian law (aisbl/ivzw), founded on 6 December 2007. Its budget is predominantly funded by contributions from members, and it operates on a not-for-profit basis.

AMICE is registered on the European Union’s Transparency Register (identification number 62503501759-81) and complies with European rules on data protection.

AMICE aisbl

1050 Elsene (Belgium), Rue du Trone 98/14

RLE Brussels, French-speaking division

Company number 0893.970.608

Historically, AMICE came into being in January 2008, formed from the merger of the International Association of Mutual Insurance Companies/Association internationale des sociétés d’assurance mutuelle (AISAM) and the Association of European Cooperative and Mutual Insurers/Association des Assureurs Coopératifs et Mutualistes Européens (ACME).



Becoming a member of AMICE means contributing to the strength of the mutual and cooperative insurance sector.