AMICE represents the views of its membership to European institutions, to ensure that policy development is appropriate and fair for mutual/cooperative insurers.

Analysing and responding to European Union-level policy dossiers as they evolve form the core of AMICE’s activities.

Our members engage with the Secretariat in a series of working groups and task forces to analyse policy proposals and reach a consensus position on them, in a spirit of mutual cooperation.

AMICE makes the case for European policies that help mutual/cooperative insurers function more effectively to the benefit of their members/policyholders.  These range across many areas of policy development, including prudential regulation, sustainability, digitalisation and consumer protection.

To fulfil this remit, AMICE engages with a range of policymaking bodies, predominantly within the European institutional community but also at national and global levels when needed.

AMICE augments its advocacy activities through a network of established alliances with other representative bodies.