Motor Insurance


Motor insurance, in particular in respect of civil liability, is standardised in the EU through the 2009 European Union Motor Insurance Directive.

This piece of legislation sets mandatory common requirements for civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicles within and across Member States. A revision of the legislation was finalised in 2021.

Mutual/cooperative insurers are significant providers of automobile insurance in Europe. AMICE supports the overall objectives of the current revision of the legislation, to ensure better protection for victims of motor vehicles, to improve fair treatment for drivers, and to combat uninsured driving.

The increasing digitalisation of the motoring and insurance sectors also raises important challenges about the access to, ownership of and sharing of data generated by the use of vehicles. AMICE argues that insurers’ access to the data generated by connected and automated vehicles (in-vehicle data) would assist the sector in providing better, fairer and more appropriately-priced insurance for policyholders. It also argues that new technology market entrants or start-ups providing risk-based products for motor business must be obliged to follow the same rules as established operators to ensure a fair and competitive market which equally protects consumers.