Representing, informing, supporting, influencing.

AMICE’s current strategy puts our membership as the key focus of our activities and services. This strategy, based on three pillars of promotion, advocacy and assistance, highlights mutual/cooperative insurers’ values and benefits to policyholders and society.

Central to the strategy is our mission to advocate, promote and ensure the fair treatment of mutual and cooperative insurers in a changing European environment, delivering services for our members and collaboration for their continuous advancement.

AMICE’s values, embedded in this strategy, are to be:


Embrace diversity of membership, bringing together insurers from different European countries, of different sizes, structures and directions, who are united under the banner of mutuality and cooperation.


Membership accountability to their member/policyholders; AMICE’s accountability to its membership.

Sustainable and ethical

Uphold high ethical standards for the benefit of AMICE members, member/policyholders and society in providing long-term security for our members and wider society.


Promote excellence and leadership in conducting our activities, providing service and delivering results.