On this page, you can download studies and reports produced by AMICE or its predecessor organisations.

Cette page contient des études ou rapports publiés par l'AMICE ou par ses prédecesseurs.


AMICE-ICMIF (2018) Facts and figures: Mutual and cooperative insurance in Europe Vol 204.06.2018 EN  
ICMIF - AMICE (2018) European Market InSight 201603.06.2018 EN   FR  
AMICE (2017) Mutual and cooperative insurers good practices vis-à-vis staff, member-policyholders and society08.06.2017 EN  
ICMIF - AMICE (2017) European Market InSight 201508.06.2017 EN  
AMICE | From past to present: a valuable model - Electronic edition23.12.2016 EN  
ICMIF - AMICE (2016) Market InSight 201402.06.2016 EN   FR  
AMICE | From past to present: a valuable model02.06.2016 EN  
ISSDC | The demographic challenge revisited: innovative measures in the European insurance sector12.05.2016 EN  
AMICE & AIM | Mutuals in Europe: who they are, what they do and why they matter05.02.2016 EN  
ICMIF & AMICE | Market InSight Europe 201319.05.2015 EN   FR  
AMICE | European Mutual Insurance Manifesto - Summary30.03.2015 DE   EN   ES   FR   NL  
AMICE | Survey on the Use of Social Media by Mutual & Cooperative Insurers15.10.2014 EN  
ICMIF & AMICE | Market Insight Europe 201226.06.2014 EN   FR  
ISSDC | Combatting the demographic challenge - A selection of initiatives in Europe05.07.2012 EN  
AMICE | Facts & Figures 2008 - Executive summary06.06.2012 DE   EN   ES   FR   PL  
AMICE | The market share of Mutual and Cooperative Insurance in Europe ICMIF 201130.12.2011 EN  
AMICE | Cross Border business & cooperation in the Mutual Sector30.06.2011 EN   FR  
AMICE | Market share of mutual and cooperative insurance in Europe ICMIF 200811.06.2010 EN  
AISAM & ESSEC | Comparison of EU company law statutes study15.06.2008 EN   FR  
AISAM | Workers’ Compensation Insurance - Serving Employers & employees better seminar report15.12.2007 EN  
AISAM | Motor Claims Management in Europe - Seminar report20.11.2007 EN  
AISAM & ACME | Study on non-life long tail liability17.10.2007 EN  
AISAM | Mutual Insurance Companies - The regulatory, financial and fiscal arrangements - Extract01.09.2007 EN   FR  
AMICE | Mutual Insurance in Figures - Executive Summary01.06.2007 EN  
AISAM | Workers’ Compensation Insurance Activities 2004-200601.12.2006 EN  
AISAM | Governance of Mutual Insurance Companies: the current state of legislation01.09.2006 EN   FR  
AISAM | CSR in the mutual insurance sector01.06.2006 EN  
AISAM | Promoting Mutual Insurance and Mutuality - Good practices vis-à-vis staff and member-policyholders09.09.2004 EN   FR  
AISAM | Workers' Compensation in Europe - Report of Seminar01.07.2004 EN  
AISAM | Social Responsabilty - Key Theme for Mutual Ins Companies12.03.2004 EN   FR  
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