AMICE Position papers & Press releases

AMICE Response to EIOPA Consultation on Open Insurance28.05.2021   
AMICE Response to the Commission consultation on the review of VAT rules for financial and insurance services03.05.2021   
Insurance Social Partners sign Joint Declaration on artificial intelligence16.03.2021   
AMICE response to EIOPA consultation on ORSA in context of COVID-1915.03.2021   
AMICE supports establishment of a European Single Access Point (ESAP) for non-financial information publicly disclosed by companies 12.03.2021   
AMICE Response to EDPB consultation on draft guidelines on examples regarding data breach notifications02.03.2021 EN  
AMICE Response to EIOPA Consultation on Climate Change (Natural Catastrophe risk)26.02.2021   
AMICE Response to EIOPA Consultation on statement of supervisory practices and expectation in case of breach of SCR 17.02.2021 EN  
2021-02-08-AMICE Contribution_EC Consultation_Sustainable Corporate Governance.pdf10.02.2021   
AMICE Response to the European Commission consultation on the revision of the intelligent transport systems Directive 02.02.2021   
AMICE Response to EIOPA survey on the application of the Insurance Distribution Directive01.02.2021   
AMICE Response to EIOPA Consultation onits draftadvice regarding Article 8 of the Taxonomy Regulation12.01.2021 EN  
AMICE Response to EIOPA Consultation on climate scenarios in Own Risk Solvency Assessments05.01.2021 EN  
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