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AMICE in the press: mutual digitalisation: responsible AI

AMICE in the press: mutual digitalisation: responsible AI


AMICE’s Secretary General speaks to Insurance Post about the European social partners’ joint declaration on artificial intelligence (AI). Signed in March 2021, the declaration outlines the benefits of AI but also the responsibilities that come with its use. The social partners in the insurance sector – comprising of AMICE, Insurance Europe and BIPAR for employers, and UNI-Europa, the European trade union federation, representing employees – set out the benefits for employers and employees of deploying AI appropriately. Responsible deployment of AI, stress the signatories, has positive impacts in several areas, including improving employee working conditions, increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing the efficiency of human abilities and internal company processes.

In its article (subscription required), Post explores how insurers are using AI ethically. It references industry spokespeople who caution that AI should not be used as a wholesale replacement of employees, and it looks at the themes and issues raised by the European social partners’ joint declaration on artificial intelligence and the EIOPA report on artificial intelligence governance principles. Post summarised the findings of both as:

  • Artificial intelligence can bring huge benefits to companies, employees and customers in terms of processes, efficiencies and experiences;
  • Existing legal frameworks governing insurance should continue to be complied with in the use of AI including Solvency II, the Insurance Distribution Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation;
  • The sustainable use of AI must take into account potential undesirable outcomes;
  • the consistent monitoring and reviewing of AI mechanisms and outputs or recommendations delivered by artificial intelligence should be in place;
  • Fairness for customers and employees in the use of AI, for example, free from unfair bias and discrimination is paramount.

Sarah Goddard, Secretary General, AMICE commented: “The basis for developing and signing the Joint Declaration is precisely to reflect the responsible application of artificial intelligence for companies and their employees, and therefore deflect possible concerns and practices from becoming realities”.

In short, artificial intelligence will not replace human intervention in the insurance industry if it is used responsibly.