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To succeed in a competitive global and national marketplace, insurance companies must address regulatory, legislative and international standard issues that are likely to affect their business capacities. AMICE's biennial Congress provides the opportunity for all European cooperative and mutual insurers and their EU policymakers to meet for a two-day event of learning, discussion and  exchange.

The Congress, held every two years, is also an opportunity for the mutual/cooperative insurance community to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders, so the event is open to non-members as well as the AMICE membership. Representatives from EU institutions, financial services associations, civil society groups, insurance companies and brokers, academics and many others with an interest in the European insurance sector are welcome to join us.

AMICE biennial Congress: The Art of Transformation  

COVID-19 is having a profound and lasting impact on all aspects of life, not least the insurance sector. Our rescheduled Congress will be the first time the European mutual/cooperative insurance industry wil have had a chance to gather together, to assess and exchange on the transformation which has been set in motion by the global pandemic.

Our Congress in Bilbao will help us identify, along with European policymakers and other industry representatives, just how our sector has been and will continue to be changed by the experience. We will look at how we can best serve our members/policyholders during and after the pandemic, and the value of the mutual model to financial stability across Europe. We know that mutual/cooperative insurers have social economy responsibilities, and sustainability objectives, at the heart of their operations, and we will examine how we can best undertake these commitments in the changing world post-COVID.

With the safety of our members and stakeholders foremost, we have postponed our Congress until 19-21 April 2021. It will continue to be hosted by Lagun Aro in their home city of Bilbao. We thank Lagun Aro and our conference partners in Bilbao for their support and assistance in rearranging our event in such a difficult period.

Past Congresses


June 2018 | 6th AMICE Congress -  "Mutual Connections" |  Stockholm, Sweden

Hosts: Folksam & Länsförsäkringar

Speakers' presentations & programme  Photos Videos


June 2016 | 5th AMICE Congress -  "#MutualValues: securing the future" |  Ghent, Belgium

Host: UUAM, the Union of Mutual Insurers in Belgium (Union des Associations d'Assurances Mutuelles)

Speakers' presentations & Congress Newsletters   Final programme Photos Videos


June 2014 | 4th AMICE Congress -  "Business - the mutual way" |  Nice, France

Host: French AMICE members GEMA, ROAM and FNMF

Programme, presentations of speakers and Congress Newsletters

 June 2012 | 3rd AMICE Congress | Gdansk, Poland

Programme, presentations of speakers and Newsletters.                                    






May 2010 | 2nd AMICE Congress | Genoa, Italy

Programme, presentations of speakers and Newsletters.



June 2008 | 1st AMICE Congress | Helsinki, Finland.

Programme, presentations of speakers et Newsletters.




Octobre 2006 | ACME and AISAM* a joint Congress | Bruges, Belgium

* AMICE’s predecessor associations






















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