On this page, you can download studies and reports produced by AMICE or its predecessor organisations.

Cette page contient des études ou rapports publiés par l'AMICE ou par ses prédecesseurs.


AMICE (2017) Mutual and cooperative insurers good practices vis-à-vis staff, member-policyholders and society08.06.2017 EN  
ICMIF - AMICE (2017) European Market InSight 201508.06.2017 EN  
AMICE | From past to present: a valuable model - Electronic edition23.12.2016 EN  
ICMIF - AMICE (2016) Market InSight 201402.06.2016 EN   FR  
AMICE | From past to present: a valuable model02.06.2016 EN  
ISSDC | The demographic challenge revisited: innovative measures in the European insurance sector12.05.2016 EN  
AMICE & AIM | Mutuals in Europe: who they are, what they do and why they matter05.02.2016 EN  
ICMIF & AMICE | Market InSight Europe 201319.05.2015 EN   FR  
AMICE | European Mutual Insurance Manifesto - Summary30.03.2015 DE   EN   ES   FR   NL  
AMICE | Survey on the Use of Social Media by Mutual & Cooperative Insurers15.10.2014 EN  
ICMIF & AMICE | Market Insight Europe 201226.06.2014 EN   FR  
ISSDC | Combatting the demographic challenge - A selection of initiatives in Europe05.07.2012 EN  
AMICE | Facts & Figures 2008 - Executive summary06.06.2012 DE   EN   ES   FR   PL  
AMICE | The market share of Mutual and Cooperative Insurance in Europe ICMIF 201130.12.2011 EN  
AMICE | Cross Border business & cooperation in the Mutual Sector30.06.2011 EN   FR  
AMICE | Market share of mutual and cooperative insurance in Europe ICMIF 200811.06.2010 EN  
AISAM & ESSEC | Comparison of EU company law statutes study15.06.2008 EN   FR  
AISAM | Workers’ Compensation Insurance - Serving Employers & employees better seminar report15.12.2007 EN  
AISAM | Motor Claims Management in Europe - Seminar report20.11.2007 EN  
AISAM & ACME | Study on non-life long tail liability17.10.2007 EN  
AISAM | Mutual Insurance Companies - The regulatory, financial and fiscal arrangements - Extract01.09.2007 EN   FR  
AMICE | Mutual Insurance in Figures - Executive Summary01.06.2007 EN  
AISAM | Workers’ Compensation Insurance Activities 2004-200601.12.2006 EN  
AISAM | Governance of Mutual Insurance Companies: the current state of legislation01.09.2006 EN   FR  
AISAM | CSR in the mutual insurance sector01.06.2006 EN  
AISAM | Promoting Mutual Insurance and Mutuality - Good practices vis-à-vis staff and member-policyholders09.09.2004 EN   FR  
AISAM | Workers' Compensation in Europe - Report of Seminar01.07.2004 EN  
AISAM | Social Responsabilty - Key Theme for Mutual Ins Companies12.03.2004 EN   FR  
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