AMICE Position papers & Press releases

AMICE response to European Commission public consultation on REFIT Review of Directive 2009/103/EC on motor insurance20.10.2017 EN  
AMICE Press Release | Sustainable finance – a natural model for mutual insurers22.09.2017 EN  
AMICE reponse to HLEG interim report on sustainable finance20.09.2017 EN  
ICMIF-AMICE Press Release | Global regulators recognise the value of mutual and cooperative insurers20.09.2017 EN  
Joint Press release | Services E-Card:Commission’s ill-conceived e-card threatens certain services sectors08.09.2017 EN  
Joint letter to Article 29 Working Party on stakeholder consultation13.07.2017 EN  
AMICE Press Release | Co-operatives ensure no one is left behind30.06.2017 EN  
AMICE Press Release | AMICE welcomes European Commission proposals on Pan-European Personal Pension product29.06.2017 EN  
AMICE Press release | Record premiums written by European mutuals in 201508.06.2017 EN  
AMICE Response to European Commission’s public consultation on the operations of the European Supervisory Authorities16.05.2017 EN  
AMICE Joint Statement | Employers and trade unions criticise European Commission proposals for a European services e card10.05.2017 EN  
AMICE Response to EIOPA Reporting Package05.05.2017 EN  
AMICE Press release | AMICE raises concerns about EIOPA decision on ultimate forward rate (UFR)05.04.2017 EN  
AMICE response to ESAs’ Discussion paper on the use of Big Data by financial institutions17.03.2017 EN  
AMICE response to European Commission Public Consultation on the Capital Markets Union mid-term review17.03.2017 EN  
AMICE response to EIOPA Consultation on the review of specific items in the Solvency II Delegated Regulation03.03.2017 EN  
AMICE response to EIOPA Consultation on Potential harmonisation of recovery and resolution frameworks for insurers28.02.2017 EN  
AMICE Response to IAIS Stakeholder Engagement Plan20.01.2017 EN